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Asociación Deportiva Elemental Club de Buceo GalateaSuances gives you the possibility of enjoying the world of diving. Thus, at the ‘Asociación Deportiva Elemental Club de Buceo Galatea’, a sports association for basic diving, you can practice diving at all levels, either at a beginner level or at advanced level for those who already have prior knowledge of this sport.

The club organises different activities, such as, diving baptism, snorkelling courses, diving courses adapted for disabled people, First Aid and oxygen supplying courses, Diver (levels 1, 2 and 3 by FEDAS Association) and dive instructor courses.

It is worth mentioning that in summer they also organise some courses related to diving and snorkelling with the Sports City Council’s contribution.

More information: Asociación Deportiva Elemental Club de Buceo Galatea

Ángel Ruiz St. 1, Suances (Cantabria) – PO box: 17
Site: C/ Comillas, 17 – Centro Náutico Ayuntamiento de Suances
Tel. 639 401 162 (Ángel)
Tel. 652 794 302 (Toño)
Tel. 661 463 153 (Álvaro)

Buceo Buceo Buceo Buceo
Buceo Buceo Buceo Buceo



Rutas Turísticas 4x4

Rutas Turísticas  4x4

4 x 4 routes can also be a different way of exploring Suances and Cantabria.

‘Rutas Turísticas 4x4’ is a 15-year-old organization that promotes Cantabrian landscapes and old routes. This activity can be done during the whole year and they offer 50 different routes in order to explore landscape, valleys and mountains, but also history, bits and pieces and cultural issues related to the places visited.

They also organise many different activities, such as, courses on driving techniques, championships, parties and 4x4 rallies.

 More information: Rutas 4X4

San Saturnino Av. 59 - 39.350 Hinojedo – Suances (Cantabria)
Tel. 942 843 127
608 482 948


Rutas Turísticas  4x4 Rutas Turísticas  4x4 Rutas Turísticas  4x4
Rutas Turísticas  4x4 Rutas Turísticas  4x4 Rutas Turísticas  4x4



 If you are looking for enjoying nature in a different way, Suances offers you horse riding routes. 

‘Centro Ecuestre Los Castaños’, in Tagle, organises horse riding excursions so that you can enjoy nature and visit beautiful hills and beaches in Cantabria.

Besides, they offer a wide range variety of services, such as, riding lessons (even for beginners and children), boarding of horses, dressage, blacksmith and horse and carriage for weddings or any type of event.

 More information: Centro Ecuestre Los Castaños

Site: Barrio Sota, 29 (Tagle)
Tel. 617.829.633 – 942.844.052