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Close your eyes, make a wish… All you are dreaming of is in Suances. Mountains and sea, a welcoming and warming environment, sports and Active Tourism, routes and tours, leisure and culture, gastronomy… Let yourself go and Suances will offer you endless possibilities.

Are you looking for sun and the beach? Suances has 6 beautiful beaches and all of them are different. La Concha: the most popular and accessible one, as it is in the centre of the touristic area. It is famous for its many sports tournaments (volleyball, handball, rugby, football …). La Ribera: quiet sea, ideal for families with children. La Riberuca: a little treasure hidden amidst a landscape which is really worth visiting. Los Locos: It has been declared “Natural Reserve of Surf” because it is ideal for surfing, a must for surfers. La Tablía: It stands out because of its great cliffs, strong swell and wild beauty. El Sable: the perfect place to feel the sun and enjoy the feeling of isolation as it has no buildings around.

Are you looking for the mountains, routes and tours? In Suances you can enjoy a beautiful sea landscape but you can also get lost in its meadows, go across the five districts and discover their great natural and architectural heritage. We offer you several walking routes to explore the village, or if you prefer, you can also find your own routes. Besides, due to its superb location, Suances is ideal as a starting point for your excursions in Cantabria.

Are you looking for sports and Active Tourism? Suances is your ideal resort. This fisihng village hosts different sporting events and competitions during the summer (volleyball, handball, rugby, football...). Besides, Suances is perfect for many other sports, such as sailing, surfing, swimming, scuba diving, horse-riding or four-wheel driving... Suances leaves no one indifferent!

Are you looking for leisure, culture and entertainment? Suances stands out for a holiday atmosphere and its leisure events, such as ‘Nuestra Señora del Carmen’ Feast Day (declared a Touristic Regional Event), Midsummer's Eve, ‘Romería del Faro’ and many other festivities held in different towns. In adittion, Suances has a varied cultural program, such as ‘Nights in the Auditorium’, ‘Culture in Motion’ and folk music festivals, to name just a few.

Are you looking for the best gastronomy? Get carried away by your senses and enjoy the best quality products. Seafood and fish are the most remarkable ones, but you cannot forget the exquisite meat from Cantabrian meadows nor local garden produce... And all this is within the incomparable framework of a charming fishing village where the customer care is our hallmark.

Definitely, all you are looking for is in Suances. Visit us and you will discover it. Suances… an outstanding resort.