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Local festivities in any of our towns in Suances are very traditional and popular and they gather thousands of visitors. The main local festivities are Our Lady of Carmen and Saint Isidro. However, there are many celebrations throughout the year, mainly in summer, which turns Suances into a very lively town.


Procesión Marítima

Every July 16 Suances celebrates ‘Our Lady of Carmen, saint patron of fishermen. No doubt, it is the most traditional festivity in town and it attracts thousands of people.

Besides, in 2010 it was declared to be an official regional tourist event because of its strong link with history, tradition and cultural values.

The most important event is the religious procession.

The religious image is taken to the port by sailors and brotherhood members, followed by local authorities, traditional folk dancers and thousands of people. Then the image is put on a ship and the sea procession begins: ships decorated with flowers and garlands of lively colours get through the firth while they sound the sirens.

Procesión Terrestre


San Isidro

Traditionally, Suances has always been a cattle breeding town. In fact, one of the major local festivities is ‘San Isidro Labrador’, saint patron of cattle breeders and farmers.

It is celebrated on May 15 with a lunch for all farmers. But there are also activities open to the public.



Las Lindes

One of the most traditional festivities in Suances is Our Lady of ‘Las Lindes’. In fact, it has been celebrated every August 15 since the 16th century.




  • San Juanuco: May 6, Cortiguera
  • San Isidro Labrador: May 15, Suances
  • Corpus: June, Hinojedo
  • San Pedro: June 29, Hinojedo and Tagle
  • San Juan: June 24, Suances and Cortiguera
  • Remedios: July 2, Ongayo
  • Carmen: July 16, Suances
  • Santiago: July 25, Ongayo
  • Virgen de Las Lindes: August 15, Suances
  • Virgen del Rosario: last Sarturday in August, Puente Avíos
  • Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe: September 8, Tagle
  • Santa Lucía: December 13, Puente Avíos

Besides, there are other festivities celebrated in some neighbourhoods, such as, ‘La Cuba’ (celebrating San Antonio in June 13), ‘La Gerra’, ‘La Ribera’ or ‘Calle 25 de agosto’.