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Our Beaches

Their rocky coves and long sandy beaches are some of their appeals. They all have a unique charm and they are chosen by those who like water sports, such as surfing or sailing, and by those seeking the serenity of pure nature. Our excellent variety of beaches consists of 6 choices of all kinds. First of all, the three beaches located on the low part of the village, all of them with soft swell. La Concha, a long beach in the town centre, La Ribera, close to the leisure and fishing port, and La Riberuca, a quiet beach surrounded by a great landscape. Then, beyond ‘Punta del Dichoso’ you will find another three beaches, all of them with heavy swell. Los Locos, a surfing mecca located on an incomparable cliff, La Tablia, a beautiful cove in front of ‘Punta Ballota’ cliffs, and El Sable, a lovely Sandy beach with amazing views.