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Surf and SUP


The history of surfing here dates back to the early 70's when a small group of surfers visited Suances and began to discover the great potential of waves of our beaches, especially in ‘Los Locos’.

‘Los Locos' is must for any surfer in the North of Spain. The quality of its wave is due to its power, consistency and regularity but also to the North-East wind, which makes it very special. You can also surf in other beaches, such as ‘La Tablía’ and ‘La Concha’. Thus surfing in Suances is possible almost every day.

The peak of this sport was in the 80's when ‘Los Locos Surf Club’ and the first surf shop were founded in Suances. From then onwards, the number of surfers has grown steadily and so the number of competitions and surf schools.

Recently, ‘Los Locos’ beach has been declared Natural Reserve of Surf’ in recognition of the importance of these waves from the point of view nature and sports.

Nowadays, there are five surf schools, two surf shops and two surf camps in Suances. Besides, the ‘Billabong Surfing Event’, one of the most important championships in Spain, takes place here every year.

Lately, Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) has become more and more popular. This new type of surfing using oars can be done both in the open sea and in the firth, and so Suances is ideal for the practice of this sport at any time of the year. Indeed, the ‘Wolder SUP Race Ayuntamiento de Suances’ took place in 2013.

Some important surfers come from Suances, for instance, Pablo Solar, Mirka Martín, Tino Aja and Deva Martín.


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Escuela de Surf Los Locos

Dirección: Paseo de la Marina Española, 10 – 39340 Suances
Teléfono: 606 542 429
E- mail:

Bio Surf Camp

Direccion: C/ Serapio Beade s/n
Teléfono: 680 206 552

Escuela de Surf  Solar

Dirección: C/Enrique Oti nº8, 39340 Suances
Teléfono: 638 59 44 62

Escuela de Surf Kangaroo

Dirección: C/ Valladolid 4 - 39340 Suances
Teléfono: 636025341